What are the rules about signs, displays, and decorations?

What are the rules about signs, displays, and decorations?

The Oregon Convention Center Sustainability Guide for Exhibitors states that foam core signage is banned, unless it is designed to be reused and/or the decorator brings it in and out.

All signs, displays or decorations are subject to conference staff and Oregon Convention Center approval. No signs, banners, displays or exhibits permitted in public areas of the Convention Center without prior conference staff or hotel approval.

All decorations must meet approval of the Fire Department. Flammable substances are not permitted in the building or anywhere on Oregon Convention Center’s premises.

The Convention Center will not permit affixing anything to the walls, floors, or ceiling with nails, staples, adhesives, or any other substance without prior conference staff and Convention Center approval.

See the Exhibitor Contract for complete rules and regulations.
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    • Where can I find the Exhibitor Contract?

      All exhibitors must agree to the Exhibitor Contract and do this via a checkbox acknowledgement when registering for an exhibit space. Click here to access the Exhibitor Contract. 
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      For complete guidelines on how to reduce waste at the show, how to help the show cut costs, and to help make the show an environmentally-friendly one, see the Oregon Convention Center Sustainability Guidelines. And you can also watch this quick video ...