What Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available?

What Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available?

1) Event Sponsorship 

Event sponsorships are offered in a variety of levels and price points, and can provide global benefits before and during (and sometimes after) the event, depending on the sponsorship. 

To purchase, contact: 

Melissa Sklenar | +1 (818) 416-2617 | Submit a Ticket Request

2) Exhibitor Directory & Mobile App

Every exhibitor gets a profile on our Exhibitor Directory (that is tied to the mobile app that launches late February or early March). We offer a number of opportunities for advertising and sponsorship that help your company stand out from the pack, leading attendees to your exhibitor profile in both the directory and app. 

To purchase, contact:

Kyle Plymesser | +1 (513) 527-8804 | kplymesser@mapyourshow.com

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    • What sponsorships are available?

      Click here for a list of available sponsorships. If you have questions or wish to propose a sponsorship not listed, please use our contact form or contact... Arnie Didier | +1 (406) 544-1552 Melissa Sklenar | +1 (818) 416-2617
    • Are exhibitor passes included with the exhibit space fee?

      There are NO Exhibitor/Sponsor passes included with the exhibit space fee. Everyone working in your booth must have an Exhibitor/Sponsor pass. We permanently discount select Exhibitor/Sponsor passes (30% off*). Keep in mind that the passes include ...
    • What is the refund policy?

      ATTENDEES Cancel your pass(es) at any time through March 4, 2024 for a full refund, minus refund service fees. There are no refunds for attendee, exhibitor, or tour passes after March 4, 2024. To cancel, do one of the following... Click the ...
    • What is included with an exhibit space fee?

      All purchased exhibit spaces include: 6′ draped table, 2 chairs, wastebasket, identification sign, 8’ high pipe and drape back wall and 3’ high pipe and drape side rail (black), company name and booth number on the Exhibit Hall floorplan, company ...
    • Where can I find the Exhibitor Contract?

      The exhibitor contract is reviewed and signed at time of exhibit space purchase on the Map Your Show order form.