I have a crate with wheels on it. Can I roll it into the exhibit hall myself or do I need a forklift?

I have a crate with wheels on it. Can I roll it into the exhibit hall myself or do I need a forklift?

There is a roll up door with a ramp located on the loading dock adjacent to Hall B where the exhibit hall is located. The roll up door and ramp are ground level. You will unload the crate on the level ground adjacent to the ramp, and then push the crate up the ramp and into the exhibit hall. If you have your own company vehicle with a lift gate, it should be no issue for your team to unload the crate (on wheels) and push it up that ramp into the hall. 

There will be dock agents at move in who will direct your truck onto the ramp for unloading. We ask that once your team unloads your crate that the vehicle be moved right away.
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