How do I get the Exhibitor Kit/Manual?

How do I get the Exhibitor Kit/Manual?

Carpet, electricity, phone lines, A/V equipment, additional furniture, labor and materials handling, and other needs are available at an additional charge through Fern Expo and the Oregon Convention Center via the Exhibitor Kit/Manual. 

There are a few steps necessary to get access to the Exhibitor Kit/Manual:

1. Log in to the 2024 Exhibitor Portal

Regarding the ID and password... when you purchased your exhibit space, and the space was confirmed by the management team, the Exhibitor ID and Password were sent to you in a confirmation email. If you cannot find that email, then submit a support ticket and ask our customer service team for your exhibitor ID and password.

2. Once in the portal, click the first button titled "Exhibitor Service Manual" (the manual may or may not be live at the moment) and then you will be taken to the Fern Expo login page.

3. The login page requires a password that Fern Expo would have sent you recently via email. If you have not received the email with the password from Fern Expo, contact:

James Kosek
Fern Expo
+1 (800) 774-1251, ext. 8450

4. Once you successfully log in, you now have full access to your custom Exhibitor Kit/Manual. Use the Fern Expo contact information above if you have any questions about the kit and/or ordering products and services. 

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