Are there any prohibited items I am not allowed to have in my exhibit space?

Are there any prohibited items I am not allowed to have in my exhibit space?

For complete guidelines on how to reduce waste at the show, how to help the show cut costs, and to help make the show an environmentally-friendly one, see the Oregon Convention Center Sustainability Guidelines. And you can also watch this quick video on how the OCC aims to be the most environmentally-friendly convention space in the world. 

Below is a quick overview from the guidelines in the link above. NOTE: When you bring in and leave prohibited items behind, as well as fail to recycle correctly, it can cost the Mass Timber Conference extra fees. Please help us make this show as cost-effective as possible. 

  1. Plastic bags
  2. Foam core signage
  3. Helium balloons
  1. Vinyl banners
  2. Electronics, furniture, or equipment
  3. Carpet, carpet scraps, or carpet padding
  4. Items that cannot be donated (e.g.: plaques)

(items must be placed in appropriate receptacles):
  1. Block styrofoam & styrofoam peanuts
  2. Cardboard
  3. Construction debris
  4. Film and sheet plastic
  5. Vinyl tablecloths
  6. Wood
  7. Metal
  8. Concrete and brick
  9. Yard debris
  10. Kitchen grease
  11. Donatable food
  12. Food scraps
  13. Glass containers
  14. Mixed recycling (paper, aluminum, plastic bottles) 
And for even more information on guidelines, exhibit policies, and prohibited activities, see the Exhibitor Contract.
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    • Where can I find the Exhibitor Contract?

      The exhibitor contract is reviewed and signed at time of exhibit space purchase on the Map Your Show order form.
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      Linear/in-line spaces are generally 10 feet (3.05 meters) deep and arranged in a straight line with neighboring booths. Regardless of the number of linear booths utilized, display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct ...
    • Do I need insurance as an exhibitor at the conference?

      Yes, you must have insurance coverage, as outlined in the Insurance section from the Exhibitor Contract that you signed when purchasing your exhibit space. See below. You do not need to mail proof of insurance to show management, but please bring ...
    • Are hanging signs allowed over my booth?

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      All purchased exhibit spaces include: 6′ draped table, 2 chairs, wastebasket, identification sign, 8’ high pipe and drape back wall and 3’ high pipe and drape side rail (black), company name and booth number on the Exhibit Hall floorplan, company ...